About Us

EDC was formed out of the need for practical engineering solutions in a real-world context.

We are an independent engineering firm able to provide existing businesses access to an engineering department for the development of products and engineered solutions.

Our ambitions are to drive the developments that shape the world for the better, while striving to make engineering more accessible and to emphasise its ability to empower industry.

We hold accountability, transparency, diligence and fortitude amongst our most highly regarded values.

In partnership with industry leaders, EDC connects expertise across a multitude of engineering disciplines, from civil to; mechanical to electrical.

Four aeroplanes perform aerial acrobatics with smoke in the clouds - they are mid loop.
The famous image of the earth rising from the perspective of the moon

Our Journey

The Engineering Design Consultants company was formed through the partnership of two engineers, who met and studied together at the University of the Witwatersrand.

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and a deep respect for the engineered world, EDC quickly sought to make an impact in both core and non-core engineering industries.

Following its inception, EDC has been involved in diverse projects ranging from engineered solutions in the built environment, to product development of heavy mining machinery, light processing machines, heavy actuation systems, and military systems for the defense industry, to name a few.

As our team and network grows, so does our ability to provide world-class engineering services to South Africa and beyond.

The famous image of the earth rising from the perspective of the moon